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Enveloping you in lush green and colorful blooms, Sleepy Hollow Barn and Plantation is over 180 years in the making. “BEAUTIFUL” Historic Wedding and Event Venue Circa 1823 sits on a 44 acre farm in the heart of Clemson, S.C. The home was built in 1837, Sleepy Hollow is home to the lovingly preserved J.C. Stribling Barn has rustic rick and pine floors. The historic brick barn is on the United States historic registry. From the barn, a granite cobble stone walk takes you to the sprawling green lawn of the “Wedding Green” which is an elegant backdrop for your wedding or special occasion.

In addition to J.C. Stribling Barn, guest are immersed into an environment that stimulates every sense as they enjoy the sites and smells of the well appointed landscaping including roses, tea olives, hydrangeas just to name a few. Sleepy Hollow has those special moments waiting for you.

All this being said, photos and videos can’t do the beauty of Sleepy Hollow Barn justice. We invite you to explore and schedule a free visit today!

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