The 44 plus acre property includes the Sleepy Hollow Plantation House circa 1837.

Sleepy Hollow replaced the original farm house (rumored to be a log cabin built by David Cherry of Pendleton) and was updated over time, primarily in 1890, to a larger plantation house.

During 2004, 2005 and 2006 the home was preserved and restored to be close to its 1890 form. The mid-Victorian time period added some adornments but was still conservative compared to the later Victorian era.

Also, the unique J. C. Stribling Barn, circa 1890 is located on the property. A devastating fire started at the stables and quickly consumed all of the outbuildings. The brick workers, farm hands and the family saved the house through great effort. The smoke house, then the house and finally the 50 by 70 foot barn were all built in 1890. During restoration and preservation evidence of the fire was noted in one of the bedrooms. More than likely this is when the bulk of the mid-Victorian adornments both inside and out were added. The Barn housed 50 animals with purebred Jersey milk cows located on the lower level and Percheron horses housed in the upper levels. Lofts and drying floors housed the food for the stock.

Rooms are available for special events such as wedding and rehearsal dinners. You may utilize the Inn for Bride and Groom dressing areas as well as visitors to your special event. The grounds are very useable for outdoor events with a wide grassy area in front of the barn that can be used for dining, a hospitality tent, games or just general relaxation in the open air. An outdoor wedding can be held anywhere on the grounds.

There are two major creeks on the property that add to the ambience of Sleepy Hollow. An evening meal can be followed by a quiet hay ride in the bottoms where, who knows, you might see Icabod Crane or the Headless Horseman. There are endless opportunities to create your own special environment for your event.

See more examples of past events on the the Event page and room descriptions are on the Rooms page.

Prices range from $100 to $175 except on Clemson University event weekends.


1906 Redshirts Reunion


1906 Redshirts Reunion, Cannon monument unveiled on the Pendleton Historic Square . Colonel J. C. Stribling, 2nd in command in 1876, the Pendleton Redshirts is the short fellow 3rd from the right with the straw derby.

The redshirt movement started with the recall of General Wade Hampton out of retirement. Stribling later confessed that it was his idea for all to wear a redshirt in the movement. Overnight you could not find any red cloth in Pendleton.


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